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法庭心事 – 叶昱琳 (猫头鹰翻译员)

(星洲日报 星云 31 Dec 2019) 站在民事高庭外等候开庭,耳边传来一阵宫廷贵族气息浓厚的音乐,细听之下有点类似印度音乐。庭外少许的压抑氛围因此更增添一股权威的味道。初次到访法庭,和我之前设想的形象相差不远,高高在上、权威逼人之势。然而不同的是,当你实在地踏在那片土地上,听着当事人的陈述时,我能够深刻地感觉到:法庭这个地方,承载了许多的生命故事。

FMEA Methodology

FMEA is know as Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. It can be divided into two major part, the process and design FMEA. is one of the first systematic techniques for failure analysis. It was developed solidly to study problems that might arise from malfunctions of military systems. It is a structured approach to discovering potential […]

25条自律原则 – 猫头鹰课程



Advantages of Short Technical Training

Globalization, the world around us is changing fast and new territories of knowledge are opening up every day, everywhere and in every channels.  To keep up with this rapid change, we need constantly recharge our knowledge with relevant skills to remain competitive in the workplace. But, instead of spending long years in studying degrees and […]

Our Milky Way and Extraterrestrial Civilization(我们的银河系和天外生物)

The Milky Way is the galaxy in which the Earth resides.  Its one of the 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that is about 100,000 light-years across.  Our solar system is one third from the edge of the Milky way.  The closest galaxy to our Milky Way […]

Ways to get Productive for individual working from home

If you are home based and full time freelancer to a company, or you been asked to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic per the local government instruction so as to help slow the spread of the virus, you might be quite relax and new experience. Think of the benefits such as saving on […]


犹太人,上帝的选民,全世界只有2000万人分居不同地方,亡国2000年流落外邦,一个小小民族却有异常的坚韧和成就。我们今天尚且看看这个民族,犹太经典和圣经旧约里都有提到他们是上帝的选民。 以色列人自古以来秉持的经商之道 :-


让我们了解保罗新观是什么 用最简概的话来讲,保罗新观强调我们的救恩是整体性的我们保罗旧观相信 : ‘救恩主要是『个人和耶稣的关系』 保罗新观要点 ( NPP major points) 1. 推翻正统新教对保罗的解释 Overthrowing the Orthodox Protestant interpretation of Apostle St. Paul 2. 推翻马丁路德对保罗的解读 Overthrowing Martin Luther’s Interpretation of Apostle Paul 3. 使用第二圣殿时期解读保罗 Interpretation of Apostle Paul using the Second Temple Period 4. 使用第一世纪的保罗来解读保罗 Use Paul in the first century to interpret Apostle Paul thinking 5. 从历史来解释保罗,不是从圣经的默示论解读保罗 […]