Advantages of Short Technical Training

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Globalization, the world around us is changing fast and new territories of knowledge are opening up every day, everywhere and in every channels.  To keep up with this rapid change, we need constantly recharge our knowledge with relevant skills to remain competitive in the workplace. But, instead of spending long years in studying degrees and higher qualifications or attend on job training for longer time, we turn to industrial and technical training, be it one day or just few days.  These short-term courses offer us, and the company the opportunity to update our skill set within a short span of time, normally is one day to three days for a complete training.

Short courses lasting from a one days to less than a week, workshops, apprenticeships, distance-training courses, and in-service training are well suited to the company and SME corporations.

First, they can provide added skills to a cadre of workers at any level; efficient, fast, on job, and need not absence from work place.

Secondly, they are a good way to expose the staff to latest technology, technical skills and new know-how.

Thirdly, this type of short training can upgrade knowledge and skills at low cost and form a ready link between research development and practice to company staff.

Forth, the micro technical training can provide networking opportunities for professionals and engineers to exchange idea and build a win-win long term communication channel.

Fifth, they can offer the astute manager of human resources alternative strategies to restructure the work force and improve its efficiency;

Sixth, most importantly, they are very cost-effective; this is especially the case if such activities are conducted in house.  Preferably the training must be conducted in group, a mix of internal or sometime join the external training.

Seventh, they can be used as bridges to more extensive on job application cum on job improvement, and skill set quantum improvement, hence providing a levelling to compensate for past inequality of opportunity.

For corporation, those short-term training should be made attractive to those in the best positions to provide it and those who are most likely to use it. This would ensure program of a high quality.

Short-term courses are the best medium for initiating and implementing innovative approaches, such as distance learning, courses on the Internet, and the provision of continuing education intermittently to a technical and executive staff over a prolonged period of time. The short technical trainings are less restricted by conventional bureaucratic and academic barriers.  By tailoring training activities to the needs of the corporation, SME and micro SME and providing certification that not only will be recognized by the required body, but also will fit into the career structure of the employees, as well as the overall goal of the company.

Finally, those training program can be made more attractive and effective, not only for the benefit of the company, but for the improvement and skills upgrade of the employees as well.

LSY ; 15 Feb 2021

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