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CatEagle Translation and Training, Registration number : 001895021-M

  1. CatEagle Training provides comprehensive training courses to MNC, corporates, SMEs, government agencies, universities and colleges, factories as well as NGOs.
  2. CatEagle Training consists of 3 departments: Technical and Engineering Training, Leadership and Management Training and Team Building Training.
  3. 我们的讲师团及工程培训团队为跨国企业,大学,私人企业,政府机构,非政府组织和工厂提供超过70个工程和技术培训及领导和管理课程
  4. 猫头鹰培训分为三个部门 : 技术与工程培训,领导力与管理培训,团队建设培训


In God we Trust and Obey the 10 commandments


Be excel in technical and leadership training in Malaysia.

Our Benefits


At CatEagle, we are experts in various consultancy as well as engineering, technical and management training for the industry! We have done more than 30 cases of 5S training, and more than 60 cases of engineering training, mostly FMEA, 8D, Risk Analysis, 7 QC, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Kaizen, TPM, and others!


With more than 25 years of experience in the technical and engineering industry and 10 years of experience in training, we accumulated understanding beyond training and manufacturing processes.


Your business improvement is our primary concern. Therefore we believe we are not providing a training, we are providing long term solutions and continuous improvments.


CatEagle will build an ethical, high moral, faithful, motivated, productive, and united team. We understand an excellent team is the foundation of corporate success, and we help you to achieve it!

Our Team